Load Specific  kW Reduction 

Measured   •   Analyzed   •   Verified



Since 2009, Optimized Power Solutions proprietary real-time power quality optimization methodology and equipment consistently deliver 2% - 5%+ electricity demand (kW) and consumption (kWh) savings per installed load: measured, analyzed & verified on site prior to investment.

Non - VFD motors 15kW and greater utilized in critical HVAC, Refrigeration, Storage, and Process applications typically achieve the greatest electrical system, energy conservation, decarbonization and financial benefits.

Our turkey solutions and M&V Reporting strictly adhere to Client requirements, International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol, and Clean Energy Program Guidelines. 

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Serving the C&I, Food & Beverage, Government and Utility sectors.


Electrical System

  • Immediate kW & kWh reduction 

  • Increased system capacity

  • Line loss reduction & improved voltage stabilization 

  • Reduced service/maintenance costs, & downtime

  • Extended useful motor life

  • Complements existing/future energy conservation, decarbonization, renewable measures & compliance



  • 18 - 24+ month typical payback

  • Attractive State incentives up to 75% total project cost - subject to application and approval

  • Reduced electrical system maintenance, service & downtime costs

  • Power factor penalty relief

  • Extended useful motor life before replacement

  • Increased profit & cash flow

  • 10+ year projected energy reduction per installed motor

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