Load Specific  kW Savings 

Measured  Analyzed  Verified



Since 2009, Optimized Power Solutions (OPS) proprietary equipment and methodology consistently deliver load specific 3% - 5%+ electricity demand (kW) and consumption (kWh) savings: measured, analyzed & verified on site prior to project investment.

Motors utilized in critical HVAC, Refrigeration, Storage, and Process applications achieve the greatest energy and carbon footprint reduction, maximizing contribution to Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives.

Commissioned turnkey project savings M&V strictly adhere to International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol and State energy efficiency incentive program guidelines. 

System Benefits

  • kW & kWh savings 

  • Increased electrical system capacity / KVA savings

  • Line loss reduction & improved voltage stabilization 

  • Reduced system maintenance, service & downtime

  • Extended useful motor lifespan

  • Seamless integration into existing energy conservation & renewable measures

Financial Benefits

  • 18 - 24+ month typical payback

  • Attractive State incentives up to $.45/kWh saved - subject to application and approval

  • Operating cost reduction

  • Power factor penalty relief

  • Extended useful motor lifespan

  • Increased profit & cash flow

  • 10+ years expected energy savings & carbon footprint reduction


  • Cold Storage

  • Data Centers

  • Food & Beverage

  • Government

  • Industrial

  • Pharmaceutical

  • Utility

Strategic market capabilities throughout Asia, Africa, Europe, North America and South America
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